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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 25.

This morning I warmed up, as usual, with 20 minutes of Pilates and Yoga. Then, after walking to the park, I ran 6 laps on the track, which equals exactly 3.75 miles. Then I walked home to cool down. I also did some stretching. I'm not sure if pushing Nick in his stroller makes much of a difference to my run as far as difficulty. The stroller itself is a dream to push with the big wheels, but my arm does seem to get more tired than when I run alone. There are only a couple of (very) small hills to conquer on my current route, so it's not too bad. When I start doing routes to accomodate my longer runs involving some big hills, it might be a lot harder to push the stroller along, but hopefully that will help my endurance build.

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