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Monday, October 31, 2011

3 miles and XT.

I have been fighting a horrible cold the past 4 or 5 days.  I haven't been this sick in forever and I'm surprised it's lasting this long.  I take so many vitamins and I drink freshly juiced vegetables and fruits everyday. I guess my body is still just as vulnerable to this crap.  It really sucks.  It hasn't stopped me from my workouts so far.  I was feeling it in my chest and head on Saturday during my long run with my husband, but yesterday was a rest day and although I did do some Pilates to stretch out my aching body, I mostly rested the remainder of the day.  This morning I felt the worst.  My head feels like it's going to explode, but I was determined to get my sweat on anyway.  You know, Halloween candy will be making it's way into the house tonight and in an attempt to be realistic, knowing my strength to resist a Snickers or two may be less than stellar, I'm planning ahead.  So...

I started my workout today with 45 minutes of Pilates.  After that I did like I've seen the contestants do on The Biggest Loser and put on a sweatshirt over my workout clothes, put the hood on and got on the elliptical.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but I told you, I wanted to get my sweat on! Anyway, I did an hour on the elliptical, but every 5-10 minutes I got off and used the step stool and 5 pound hand weights to do some "step-ups", which ended up equaling 30 minutes worth for a total of 90 minutes doing that "circuit".  Afterwards, I got on the treadmill for a 3 mile run.  I am telling you, I am drenched...mission accomplished.  ☺

Saturday, October 29, 2011

9 miles.

Today being Saturday and my husband's day off from work, we decided to go out for a run together.  We waited until it was light out, which meant it was after 8 before we hit the road.  It's another cold day, though the low set cloud cover kept a little bit of the "warmth" in last night and it wasn't quite as cold as it has been.  We did a 4.5 mile loop that starts at our house, that way when we hit the half-way point we could stop in, get a drink and check on the kids.  Then we went out and did the loop again.  The second half seemed to go by a little faster than the first half, probably because our conversation carried a little more.  I enjoy having my husband to run with.  He helps keep me going.  We even had a fairly decent time on our run, not super fast, but we did the 9 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes, and that was with short walk breaks.  Next on the agenda for today, carving pumpkins with the kids!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another 4 miles.

Okay, I am publicly coming to terms with what a wimp I am when it comes to the cold weather.  I don't know what's happened to me.  Last year at this time I ran in anything.  I didn't care how cold, rainy, snowy or windy it was.  Of course, back then I was nervously approaching the date of my first ever marathon and I wasn't going to miss any training opportunity.  Now as I sit here knowing I can stay in my warm house and run on the treadmill, I ask myself why would I force my body through the pain and discomfort of running in 20 degree temperatures?  That's how cold it was this morning.  I am so not ready for this, seriously.  I have got to get tougher, or learn to really love my treadmill!

Well, of course I wasn't about to completely miss a workout just because I'm cold.  I started out once again on my handy, dandy elliptical, which is starting to fall apart, by the way.  In our humble lifestyle it has been necessary for us to always purchase the low-end exercise equipment.  Last year I said goodbye to my first treadmill when it completely broke down, the motor died and the belt shredded.  It did have thousands of miles on it...a good, long life.  I was lucky enough to have someone literally give me their newer treadmill, which was a step above the one I had and I am super grateful for it.  But now my elliptical has been having major issues.  For a while, the main bolt on one side that holds in the "pedal" slowly works it's way out as I'm using it.  Lately the problem has gotten worse and I have to stop and get off the elliptical about every 10 - 15 minutes and screw the bolt back in or the pedal thing will completely fall off on the one side.  My theory is that these (lower end and thus cheaply made) pieces of equipment were manufactured with the mentality that the majority of the people who buy them won't really use them that much - it's true.  They can cheaply make these machines and sell them for an affordable price, therefore selling more of them, knowing that most of the time their faults will not be found.  Maybe at the rate and intensity with which I pound on my exercise equipment I should save up and invest in something nicer.  Right now I've got my eye on a spin bike....

Okay, I went totally off topic there.  Anyway, I did 65 minutes on the elliptical with intervals of - yep, you guessed it - running up and down the stairs for another 15 minutes.  I really love how much this gets my heart pumping and my sweat pouring.  That means it's working me and that feels really good.  After that, I got on the treadmill for a 4 mile run, and even threw in a few "sprint" intervals.  Still hoping to get in that long run out on the road at some point before this week ends, but we'll see.  It may not happen until Saturday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 mile run.

I feel like I'm kind of in a groove with my workouts recently.  It feels good to have consistency, even though I'm still not on an official schedule.  For now, the only race I have in my future is the Ogden Marathon, which is in May.  I will be running it with a group of friends and family this time, possibly including my awesome husband, so I am looking forward to it a lot.  But May does seem a long way off...

In the meantime, I gave it my all again this morning with the Biggest Loser episode from last night as my motivation.  I started with a 10 minute Pilates warm up, then I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes, this time doing intervals of step-ups using 5 pound hand weights and a step-stool, 2 minutes worth of reps for every 5 minutes on the elliptical.  A little over an hour later, my calves were burning just a bit.  Then I got on the treadmill and did a 4 mile run.  I would say that with the weather being nice (cold, but sunny), I am wasting it being inside on the treadmill, but on the plus side I feel like it's important for me to get more comfortable being consistent and going faster on the treadmill - and the view out the windows is gorgeous right now, with all the trees a golden yellow and bright orange.  My plan is to hit the road tomorrow for a long run, assuming the weather continues to cooperate. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Misc. XT

Today I began my workout with 20 minutes of Pilates, and followed that with 75 minutes on the elliptical.  Like yesterday, I ran the stairs at intervals during my time on the elliptical for a total stair time of 15 minutes.  After that hard hour and a half of keeping my heart rate up and my legs pushing their limit, I was feeling a little faint and wobbly.  Of course, I figured, as tough as I am, I could still follow that up with a run on the treadmill.  Ahem.  I only lasted 15 minutes at a slow jog before I knew I had to take a break.  Even my arms were starting to feel like Jell-O.  I fixed myself something to eat and now I plan to take a shower and hopefully give my body a little recovery time.  Maybe that will include getting more than 5 hours of sleep tonight.  One can always hope.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A whole bunch of stuff!

I have been watching so many motivational shows lately that I feel super inspired to give every workout my all (that includes current and past episodes of The Biggest Loser, Dancing with the Stars and The Sing Off). Seeing all those people do so many physically and mentally challenging things and push themselves harder than they thought they were capable, makes me realize that no matter how far I think I've come, I can always do more or do better.

Today I started out with 40 minutes of Pilates before taking the kids to school.  After that I put on an episode of Dancing with the Stars on Hulu and got on the elliptical.  I did an hour total on the elliptical, but I switched it up a bit by running up and down the stairs (one flight of 15 steps) during all of the "commercial breaks".  On Hulu.com, they only play one or two commercials during the breaks, but that meant I could get in at least 3 or 4 times up and down.  Now that's a good calorie burn right there - stairs!  Why haven't I thought of that before?  Anyway, after that I got on the treadmill.  I put the incline up pretty high, not sure what the percent was exactly because my treadmill isn't that high-tech.  I walked at first while holding my 5 pound hand weights, for about 20 minutes.  Then I set the weights down, pushed the speed up and left the incline up while I ran at a moderate pace for another 45 minutes.  I am now soaked with sweat and ready to go outside and play...or do some housework, whatever! ☺

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Together for 11 miles!

 My husband is signed up for a half-marathon coming up in two weeks, so today he wanted to do a long run together.  In an effort to change up our routine, we did a completely new route.  We left from our house and ran up a hill and onto a country/dirt road that hovers above the valley, making for a really tough first few miles, but unbeatable views from the summit.  I mapped it out in advance - a total of 11 miles, with a 2100' change in elevation, going up the first several miles, then winding back down.  It was amazing.

 I was a little bit worried going into this run today.  I have been having a hard time the past few days, dealing with a (hormone induced) headache that won't go away and attempting to cut caffeine (i.e. Diet Coke) from my diet, not to mention the fact that I'd already done two (longish) runs this week.  Funny thing, though...this was the most fun and the best I've felt physically on a run in long time!  We had a great time, enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Oh, and we had planted water bottles along the route before hand - very smart! ;)


Friday, October 21, 2011


I never know exactly what Fridays will hold for me in terms of working out.  Usually I have cub scout meetings in the morning, but this week that comes tomorrow instead.  So, this morning I was able to get a good workout in, though I haven't been feeling too hot the past few days.  I woke several times during the night with an awful pounding in my head, and my legs and butt muscles are feeling a little bit sore from yesterday's run.  I warmed up with 10 minutes of Pilates, then I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  After that I did some walking on the treadmill for a total of 45 minutes.  I switched it up a bit by alternating walking frontwards with walking backwards, changing about every 5 minutes or so.  I've seen this done on The Biggest Loser, but I didn't realize how difficult it actually is to walk backwards on a treadmill!  The first few minutes I felt like I was going to fall off, but once I got the hang of it I was okay.  I also used my 5 pound hand weights for part of the time.  I'm still fighting a blasted headache, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

13.25 miles.

It's long run day for me.  No kids, no husband, just me and the road.  Aahhh.  After a 10 minute Pilates warm up, I started out on my run.  I did a 13.25 mile loop.  I actually felt very decent for the entire first half of my run.  My legs weren't too sore, I felt strong and was really enjoying myself.  The second half was slightly more difficult as my hamstrings started to tighten up and I could feel them "seize" up on me a few times, but I just pushed through and tried to focus on the cool and beautiful fall weather and the peace and quiet of the country road.  I didn't take any water with me again, which is something I really need to work on.  It's harder to do when the weather is cool because I don't think about needing it, but I know my body does.  I probably would feel much better from 7 or 8 miles plus if I was hydrating or fueling in some way.  When I got home, I made a chocolate soy protein shake and then sipped on it while walking another mile on the treadmill.  (I know, but I had a little bit of a show I had started that I wanted to finish watching and I figured I might as well keep my legs moving while doing it.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

XT Workout.

Wednesday has become another of my favorite days of the week because I can watch the recent episode of Biggest Loser while I workout.  This morning I started out with a 20 minute Pilates warm up, then I did 40 minutes on the elliptical.  After the elliptical, I did a 4 mile run on the treadmill, nice and steady - no intervals, just an easy, consistent pace.  I was actually surprised at how good I felt, considering my 9 mile treadmill run yesterday, but I'm not going to complain.  It's nothing compared with "last chance workout"! ☺

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

9 miles, treadmill style.

This morning I had every intention of going out on the road for a long run...until I got in the car to take the kids to school and realized how freaking cold it was out there!  I have GOT to start getting tough again.  Winter weather is basically here, like it or not.  But, for today I gave myself a break and decided to sweat instead of shiver my calories off.  After doing a 20 minute Pilates warm up, I got on the treadmill and ran for 100 minutes straight, a little over 9 miles.  I kept busy and distracted by watching some good shows on Hulu.com and Netflix.  After I finished on the treadmill, my hamstrings were feeling twitchy, so I did an additional 20 minutes on the elliptical, which really seems to help loosen them up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday morning XT.

I got a slow start on my workout this morning because I had fruit/vegetable juice to make, pumpkins to cut and roast and a daughter who was sick with tummy troubles.  Once I finally  got up to the workout room, I started out on the elliptical.  I did 65 minutes on it, then moved on to the treadmill and did a 3 mile run with a little walking afterward for a cool down.  Then I got on my stability ball and did reps using my 5 pound hand weights and ab crunches.  The end. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

9 miles with the hubby.

Today is a beautiful, perfectly fall day.  My husband has the day off from work, so he wanted to go on a run together.  We did a 9 mile loop.  I felt a little sore and dragging most of the time, my legs felt like cement.  But the run was still a lot of fun because we were together and enjoying the great morning.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

12.5 Miles.

I'm really starting to love my Tuesdays and Thursdays...no one to answer to but myself, at least for about 8 hours of the day!  After I sent my husband off to work and the kids were all at school, I ventured out for a long run.  I did a loop that involves lots of hills and totals a little over 12.5 miles.  It was a fun, relaxing run, except it was a bit cold and windy.  It feels like winter is already here.  Ugh.  My hamstrings were burning during my run, too.  Not sure what's going on there.  I've been using the foam roller regularly to try and release some of the tension in my legs, but my hamstrings never seem to want to relax.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biggest Loser Workout

It's Wednesday, which means last night's episode of The Biggest Loser is available on Hulu.com, so you all know what I'm doing...

I actually started my workout before taking the kids to school by doing a 25 minute Pilates DVD.  Then I put TBL on and got on the elliptical for a 30 minute programmed workout.  After that, I got on the treadmill and did a 40 minute interval run.  I basically averaged between 10 and 12 minute miles, so not a "speed" interval, but enough to get my heart rate up a little.  Then when I finished that, I still had a little bit of the show to watch, so I got back on the elliptical for another 15 minutes.  Now I plan to bundle up my 5 year old and take him for a walk in the jogger.  It's a bit chilly out there (around 40 degrees), but it's sunny, so we'll take it. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

XT workout, with a little running. :)

More rain today, but that's fine.  I have no kids or husband at home, so I stayed in and worked out to my heart's content, well...until it was time for me to do other things. ;)

I started out this morning using the foam roller for about 5 minutes, then I got on the elliptical for almost an hour.  After that I did a slow 20 minute run on the treadmill, followed with another 5+ minutes using the foam roller.

Monday, October 10, 2011

9 miles...welcome back from vacation!

Anytime I have a "break" from running, I always feel the urge to make up for lost time by doing a long run when I get back.  Or maybe it's just an urge to burn off some of the extra calories consumed, who knows.

At any rate, I got up this morning and did 35 minutes of Pilates before taking the kids to school, then headed out into the 34 degree weather for a 9 mile run.  Even though I could totally feel that my legs were resisting the idea of a run that long, I still finished with a decent average pace, so I'm feeling better now.  As for the rest of the week, I still haven't come up with a solid schedule.  I'm not sure what it will take to get me motivated to get on a training schedule.  Maybe signing up for a race?!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miscellaneous workout.

It's raining again this morning.  I've been waiting for it to stop because Nicolas has been asking to go for a ride in his stroller.  In the meantime, I got in a good workout at home just in case the rain doesn't let up and we never make it out for a walk/run.

I started out with 30 minutes of Pilates, followed by 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I got on the treadmill for a speed interval run.  I was dripping with sweat by the time I was done with that, but I still had 20 minutes of The Biggest Loser to watch, so I did strength training using 5 pound hand weights and a set of 100 ab crunches using the stability ball.  Now on to finish packing for our camping trip tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainy day workout.

After yesterday's hike I ended up with a terrible headache that also led to some nausea.  I got a good night's sleep and I feel much better this morning, but I didn't want to push it and do the (long) run I had planned for this morning  Besides...it's raining anyway (I know some of you LOVE to run in the rain, so don't judge...☺).  So, I opted to just stay in and workout at home.  I started out doing 45 minutes of Pilates and followed that with 30 minutes on the elliptical.  Then I got on the treadmill and did a 40 minute interval run.  It wasn't a speed interval run, just switching up the speeds and maxing out on the "easy" side, for me.

Today I am alone at home, with Chris at work and all of the kids at school.  The kids are off from school on Thursday and Friday of this week so we're going to be heading out for one last camping trip of the year.  I have a lot of things to do to get ready, which includes going into town shopping.  It seems such a waste of the sweet quiet I have in the house right now, but it's got to get done.  Tomorrow I will have Nicolas at home, but hopefully I will still be able to take him in the stroller to the park (or I may end up on the treadmill again) and I can get in one last run for the week.  I won't be doing any running while we're on our trip.  We're camping for 4 days right smack dab in the middle of bear country during a high bear activity period.  I think I'll stick close to our campsite! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

6 mile hike.

This morning after we got the older kids off to school, we packed a backpack with some snacks and water bottles and headed out for a hike in the mountains.  We ended up going a little over 6 miles.  I was so proud of my little Nick.  He didn't complain at all, and that's a long way for little legs!  I guess he did get a couple of shoulder rides from daddy, but still...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keeping busy.

The past few days have been kind of busy, but I did manage to fit in a 45 minute elliptical workout yesterday, and this morning I set out for a run.  I only made it a couple of miles because I wasn't feeling well.  My stomach was cramping and so were my legs, so I just went home, but at least I got in those couple of miles.  After a little rest back at home, I was able to get on the elliptical and do 45 minutes, and I'm now planning on walking on the treadmill for bit while I watch General Conference (of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints) on the internet.  It's funny how things can change so much from day to day.  I was feeling rejuvenated after my 10 miles and our fun hike on Thursday, but this morning I'm totally dragging and feeling a little weepy, to be honest.  Oh, well.  Soon it's a new week and we have lots of fun things planned over the next 7 or 8 days. :)