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Friday, October 21, 2011


I never know exactly what Fridays will hold for me in terms of working out.  Usually I have cub scout meetings in the morning, but this week that comes tomorrow instead.  So, this morning I was able to get a good workout in, though I haven't been feeling too hot the past few days.  I woke several times during the night with an awful pounding in my head, and my legs and butt muscles are feeling a little bit sore from yesterday's run.  I warmed up with 10 minutes of Pilates, then I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  After that I did some walking on the treadmill for a total of 45 minutes.  I switched it up a bit by alternating walking frontwards with walking backwards, changing about every 5 minutes or so.  I've seen this done on The Biggest Loser, but I didn't realize how difficult it actually is to walk backwards on a treadmill!  The first few minutes I felt like I was going to fall off, but once I got the hang of it I was okay.  I also used my 5 pound hand weights for part of the time.  I'm still fighting a blasted headache, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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