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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4 mile run.

I feel like I'm kind of in a groove with my workouts recently.  It feels good to have consistency, even though I'm still not on an official schedule.  For now, the only race I have in my future is the Ogden Marathon, which is in May.  I will be running it with a group of friends and family this time, possibly including my awesome husband, so I am looking forward to it a lot.  But May does seem a long way off...

In the meantime, I gave it my all again this morning with the Biggest Loser episode from last night as my motivation.  I started with a 10 minute Pilates warm up, then I got on the elliptical for 45 minutes, this time doing intervals of step-ups using 5 pound hand weights and a step-stool, 2 minutes worth of reps for every 5 minutes on the elliptical.  A little over an hour later, my calves were burning just a bit.  Then I got on the treadmill and did a 4 mile run.  I would say that with the weather being nice (cold, but sunny), I am wasting it being inside on the treadmill, but on the plus side I feel like it's important for me to get more comfortable being consistent and going faster on the treadmill - and the view out the windows is gorgeous right now, with all the trees a golden yellow and bright orange.  My plan is to hit the road tomorrow for a long run, assuming the weather continues to cooperate. :)

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