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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 64.

Today's run felt great. After getting a little pep talk from my amazing husband last night, I decided I should be pushing myself a little harder on the days I have "easy/short" runs. Sometimes I let my mind tell me I'm already doing the best I can do, but having someone else who knows me well tell me that I can do better is very helpful. The training schedule called for a 2 mile run, so I did 10 minutes of Pilates before leaving the house, then walked for about 1/4 mile before starting my run. I pushed myself to keep a stronger pace than usual and was trying to be mindful of my form throughout my run, and I did my 2 miles at a decent pace: just over 9 min./mile. Hey, I figured I have loved ones out there in Boston today trying to run their best 26.2 miles, the least I can do is run my best 2 miles! ;)
I also did a 25 minute strength training DVD after my run.

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