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Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 mile run.

Yeah...a little sun on today's run!  I warmed up this morning with 15 minutes of Yoga before going out for my 5 mile run.  It was very, very windy, but the sun shining helped make it bearable.  After my run I did 30 minutes of Pilates and also used the foam roller on my hamstrings and IT bands.


  1. Are you hitting your taper yet? How are your legs feeling?

  2. Hey, thanks for asking! I told you I'd be jinxing myself yesterday to say my legs are feeling good. Today my legs started to ache a little on my 5 miler, and they've been kind of crampy all day. I'm (really) hoping to get to bed a bit early tonight after using the foam roller again, and head out for an early start on a 20 miler tomorrow. Then I will begin my taper. Mentally I feel great. I am excited for a shot at improving on my last marathon. Whether or not that happens, I am having fun on the journey...so excited for you... :)


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