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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Road to recovery.

Recovering from a long run is not always pretty.  Last night I didn't sleep well, waking up several times due to aching muscles and sore, sunburned skin.  Hey, I told you before that sometimes I learn from my mistakes, sometimes...eh, not so much.  Yesterday it was cloudy and gloomy when we left for our run, so it didn't occur to me to remember the sunblock.  Today I am paying the price.  Again.
(Don't be too jealous of my sweaty, no-makeup morning-time glow.) ☺

My attempt at a workout this morning was a bit laid back.  I sat on the recumbent bike and pedaled through episodes of The Biggest Loser and the results show from The Voice.  I did work up a sweat, but it was kind of an active recovery type workout.  Later today I think our plan involves taking our youngest and going to the gym, maybe for a swim, maybe I'll get some weights in as well.

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  1. Ouch!! Hope your sunburn heals quickly! I think it's easy to forget this time of year.


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