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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday spin.

Since I did my long run earlier this week, I was free to do a spin class this morning.  As usual, a top-notch cardio workout.  After the class, I got on one of the Arc trainer/elliptical things and did another hour.  I tried to keep my heart rate up, and for the two hours of working out, my average HR was 149, although during the "anaerobic" portion of the spin class, I topped out at 180 bpm several times.

My husband came with me to spin class, then left the gym after that equipped to run all the way back home (13.4 miles) to get in his long run for the week.  Unfortunately, as I was leaving the gym, he called me and had me pick him up on my way home, so he only made it about 8.5 miles.  The wind was crazy, as usual, and he said he wasn't feeling very good.  At least we know now that if we were to feel the urge one day, we could run to the gym, workout and then run back home and the running part would equal a marathon! ;)

Question of the day: What products do any of you use for your skin?  I have been finding that, particularly after spin class, the excessive amount of sweating I do is wreaking havoc on my skin.  Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, what a workout! As for the skin, I have found that taking a shower right after working out helps more than anything. However, sometimes I like to mope around and be lazy in my sweaty workout clothes for awhile first, and that seems to be when I have more problems.

  2. Maybe that's my problem because I do the same thing most of the time! Ha ha!


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