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Monday, April 2, 2012

Today I (sort of) TRI - ed!

The kiddos are on their spring break this week, so this morning I went for a run with my 10 year old bike pacer again.  He was so funny, getting on Google Earth before we left to show me where he wanted to go.  We basically set out to do the same loop we did the other day, but we added a little over a 1/2 mile, making my run a total of 5.15 miles today.  It was super sunny, I mean, not just sunny, but one of those days when the sun just seems to shine brighter than usual.  We ran/biked along wonderfully for the first 2.5 miles, even basking in the gloriously beautiful day.  Then the route started to make it's turn back toward home, and POW...the wind smacked us right in the face.  I wasn't sure my little biker was going to make it back, as he kept getting a little ahead of me then he would stop riding and just wait on the side of the road for me to catch up with him.  But he did make it, and we made decent enough time, too (ave. pace of 10:27 min./mi.).

After lunch, we packed everyone up and headed into the gym.  When we got there, I went in and did a spin class, while Chris played basketball with the kids.  When my class was done, we all went to the pool and went swimming.  I swam laps for little over 1/4 mile, then I sat in the hot tub.  We topped off our fun day with a fire in our firepit and some yummy s'mores.  I even ate two.  I earned it today, I think. ;)

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