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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend warriors.

This morning my husband and I did a 9 mile run together.  The past few days I have been having an annoying pain in my knee, but not enough to slow me down...much.  Today during our run, the pain extended up into my hip, but I pushed through, because, well, I had to try and keep up with my husband!  Now I'm (kind of) regretting that decision, as I've spent the rest of the day trying not to put too much weight on that leg because when I do, my hip makes a little, painful popping sound.  Good thing tomorrow is a rest day, although I will probably try to do a 1 mile walk with my family after church or something, just so I can keep on track with the RW Summer Running Streak Challenge.

After our run, we showered, had a protein smoothie, then packed the kids up in the car and drove to the location of the mile 32 aid station of the Pocatello 50 Mile Trail Run that was going on today.  It was super hot for us, just standing in the sun, cheering a few of the runners on as they passed through the aid station and on to the last 20 mile leg of their race.  I can't imagine how tough the heat was for the runners!  It's inspiring to see great people doing such amazing things.

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  1. Wow, can't imagine racing that far in the heat! Take it easy on the knee...


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