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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I think that's what I will start calling it, anyway.  I spend over 3 hours at the gym on Thursday morning and I love every minute of it.  Chris is working the night shift right now and usually gets home around 2am, so I leave the house at about 5:30 before he or any of the kids are even awake.  I get there just in time for the 6am spin class, which is always a great jump-start to my long workout.  After the first spinning class, I get on a treadmill for a little running.  Today I did 2 miles in just over 20 minutes.  When I finished with that, I started my strength training.  Today I worked on triceps and back, mostly using dumbbells, but also doing tri-downs and lat-pulls on the machines.  Finally, I topped it all off with another tough spin class.  Today the instructor had us do a 20 minute "climb" in the middle of the hour long class.  That means we were pedaling with a high resistance on the wheel, as if climbing a hill, the whole time.  Once again I could have filled a bucket with my sweat.

The rest of the day has been sort of a blur.  After my gym time, I had to go grocery shopping and run a couple of other errands.  I stopped at TJMaxx and was excited to find they had a fresh supply of running shorts in stock.  I did manage to find a pair I like and they were only $7.99!  I'll probably wear them on my long run Saturday, so you can all look forward to seeing the pictures of it. ;)

I finally got home at 1pm, just in time to make some lunch for my husband before he left for work again.  Thankfully, he had already fed the kids their lunch, or I would have been bombarded by hungry birdies while trying to put the groceries away - I really hate that.  Then I had just enough time to start some laundry and clean the kitchen before starting dinner.  After dinner the kids and I headed up to the church for cleaning duty.  We spent two hours cleaning the church building with some other families from our ward (congregation), getting home at about 8:15 and just in time for the kids to shower and go to bed.  Now here it is, 10pm and I finally have a minute to sit and update this blog.  Well, actually, there's unfolded laundry strewn all over our bed, but I do have my priorities. :)

On the agenda for tomorrow: a 2 hour day hike with the cub scouts followed by a little family time at the gym pool all afternoon.  I hope to mostly rest, at least, no formal exercise except maybe some Pilates or Yoga in the morning.  I plan to have a brilliant long run on Saturday.

Oh, look at these lovely sweet peas my husband brought in from our garden today.  I love fresh food from our own backyard...

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  1. That's a really long time to work out, you tough thing! I think I'd rather workout three hours than get and put away groceries though. LOL


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