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Friday, August 24, 2012

I just may be insane. :)

I was supposed to run with a new running friend today, but she had to cancel due to some family stuff.  When I went to bed, I knew I would be going alone on my run, so I was feeling at ease.  I had a little flexibility so I told myself that if I woke up and was really tired or sore, I would just sleep a little more and just go run whenever I woke up.  The alarm went off at 5am and I woke up feeling pretty okay, despite my arduous workouts yesterday, so I just got up and started getting ready to go.  I was out the door at a little after 6 and it was actually pretty chilly out there!  I kept thinking it would warm up as soon as the sun came up higher, but it never really did.  I did a 12.4 mile loop leaving from my house and the route goes through a rural area I lovingly refer to as "the wind tunnel" because it's a place where there is a valley, or gap, between two big mountainous areas and it is ALWAYS windy.  (It's the area you can see behind me in the above photo.)

Anyway, my run went well.  I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio and I was surprised at how minimal my soreness was from that insane class I did yesterday afternoon.   That is, until I got home from my run and all of a sudden my legs pretty much stiffened up and I could feel every single muscle in them.  After I took a warm shower, I felt a little better, so Chris and I decided to take the kids to the gym so they could swim and I could, ahem...take a spinning class.  I had the same instructor that I had for both spinning and Muscle Fusion X yesterday, and said she was surprised I was there for another spinning class after such hard workouts yesterday and running 12 miles this morning.  The first few minutes I was on my bike, I was beginning to see why.  My legs were SO tired!  But it's kind of funny how after you just get going again, that tiredness lessens and you're able to just push through.  In my mind I kept saying to myself, "Pain means change!"  Change is my goal, so I'm well on my way!

After the class, I went swimming with the family for a bit, which felt very relaxing.  My biggest challenge is now coming up this week.  I have a plan to take it easy the next two days, by just doing some walking tomorrow and then taking a full rest day on Sunday.  But after that, I will be taking things day by day.  Obviously I don't want to deplete all my energy stores during the week before the marathon, but it is SO hard for me to not do anything!  I just read recently that it takes a certain level of maturity to know when to pull back, take it slow or easy, or take extra rest days, especially when you feel like you can do more.  For a successful run next Saturday, I know I should do less than usual this week, but it's so hard to find a balance - at least for me.  My husband says I'm over-zealous, obsessed and that I don't know the meaning of happy medium.  I like to call it being committed to something.  At any rate, I am still loving these beauties:

Just looking at that picture makes me want to go for a run! :)


  1. I already knew you were crazy. LOL

  2. I did a hardcore workout yesterday at the gym and then today I ran 9.43 miles and my legs are so sore but I have done a ton of stretching and just keeping moving helps the soreness! Good job on the 12 mile run!


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