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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This morning I was feeling the need to "work out" some of my sore muscles.  So after the kids left for school, I put on a new Yoga video and did an hour of stretching, toning and deep breathing.  It felt great.  I don't do Yoga often enough.  Then I packed a bag and headed to the gym.

I started out by doing 10 minutes on an elliptical, just to get my heart pumping.  Then I did 30 minutes of weights (shoulders and traps) before going to a spin class.

I chose not to run today because I am trying to be more kind to my body during this time for tapering.  If I felt perfectly great, then maybe I would be logging more miles on the road right now.  But since I still have soreness and pain in my hamstrings, I am using my favorite cross-training activities (spinning, weights, etc.) to maintain a higher fitness level without putting additional stress on my legs.  I do have a 12 miler slated for Friday, and then next week I plan to do very minimal running.  We'll see if this plan benefits me on race day...


  1. Oh I love yoga, it feels so good! A nice stretch is always the cure!

  2. Great pose! You have nice buns, is that creepy of me to say? If so, I didn't say it. LOL Glad you're enjoying the taper!


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