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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

As I posted yesterday, here are the rules for receiving this award:

Answer the 11 questions asked of you by the Blogger who gave you this award. Then create 11 new questions and tag your favorite bloggers to answer them.

Here we go!

1. Describe one event in your life that was life-changing.
This is a tough one because there are many.  I guess one of the most significant events that changed my life was my decision to marry my husband.  May sound trite, but there were so many factors that came into play for us to even meet, let alone come together as eternal companions, that everything else in my adult life has since hinged on.  There's nothing more important to me than that.

2. If you could choose one animal and one animal only for a pet, what would it be?
I have to go with a dog.  We've had cats, birds and chickens, but there's nothing like the companionship of a little, sweet dog.  I am especially certain of this when I watch my kids interact with him.
I mean, really.  Look at that face!

3. Name someone that inspires you and explain why.
Again, there are several important people in my life who inspire and motivate me on a daily basis, but for purposes of this blog, I have to go with a man who I met through our church.  We first met over 14 years ago when we were both doing some church service work, but he has become like a father to me.  He always has an open and generous heart, a listening ear, words of wisdom and he has been there for me and my family for most of our major life events.  He is also one of my main inspirations for running and particularly, running marathons.  At 66 years old, he has run more than 15 marathons after only starting to run himself about 5 or 6 years ago (I think).
Here we are after running our second marathon together.

4. How would your life change if you suddenly became a millionaire?
Wow.  Another tough one.  Well, it shouldn't be tough.  I imagine what it would be like all the time! Haha!  I guess the biggest change would have to be that we would spend a lot more time traveling.  Not traveling just for the sake of it, but to spend time with distant family members and allow our kids opportunities that they don't currently have due to financial restrictions.  Wouldn't it be nice to not have the burden of constantly worrying about money?  No, actually I really can't imagine.

5. How many toenails have you lost/had turn black from running? (I had to do it)
Okay, I love this one!  Black toenails are such a rite of passage for distance runners; I was happy when I discovered my first one!  I have since (in just 2 years of running and training for marathons) lost 5 toenails, two of those I've lost twice, and I currently have 2 more black toenails.  Yum. :)

6. How many hours of sleep a night do you need to function like a normal person?
Typically I do well with about 5-6 hours of sleep a night.  Less than that and I tend to get what I call "tired headaches", more than that and I almost feel more lethargic the next day.

7. Finish this sentence with something you’ve actually done: “I never thought I’d _____.”
Easy.  "I never thought I'd run a marathon."  Yep,easy.

8. Which T.V. or movie family would you love to be a part of?
I don't watch a lot of tv because we don't have cable or satellite, but we do get Netflix and I have watched some shows in my time.  Does The Biggest Loser count as a tv family?  I love that show.

9. If you had 24 hours 100% to yourself, what would you do?
Well, if kids and husband truly were out of the equation, I would spend most of that time running or working out in some way (big shocker), maybe doing a little frivolous shopping or just getting some extra sleep!

10. What is your first memory of loving to run? (assuming that’s happened haha)
I can remember going out for a run while training for my first marathon when the weather had turned cool and the leaves had started to change.  I remember thinking, "What a great way to start my day and experience this most beautiful time of year - out on the road, alone, challenging my body and calming my nerves."  Some days I have to remind myself of those feelings/reasons for running.  Not every run feels good, but I never regret going for a run.

11. Which elite runner would you love to have as a training buddy if you were at that level?
Well, I was going to say this was another easy one - Kara Goucher.   But then I got to thinking, there's also Dean Karnazes, who I'm thinking would be awesome to run with because I'm sure he'd have stories to keep me entertained for hours and hours of running!

Thanks again, Jan for including me on this post and for the fun questions!  Sometimes it's nice just to take a few minutes to reflect.

Now I'd like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

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Here are your questions (and I won't be offended if you choose not to post, but it sure would be fun to hear from you all)!

1.  Describe in detail a favorite workout outfit.
2.  Where/what is your dream vacation?
3.  What is one of the proudest moments in your life?
4.  Name one goal you have for the coming year.
5.  What food makes you the most happy?
6.  How would you describe the town that you live in to someone who has never been there?
7.  How has running/fitness changed the major relationships in your life?
8.  Name 3 people you would like to meet someday.
9.  What's your best home remedy for the common cold?
10.  What's your favorite mode of transportation and why?
11.  If you could only own one book, what would it be?

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  1. It was so much fun to read these; thanks for answering them!! I think we have the sexiest feet EVER. Any man who doesn't like black toenails surely doesn't appreciate distance runners right? LOL The guy at your church sounds soooo cool and you know I love both Dean and Kara!


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