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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A bonus day.

It felt a little strange to not do a run on a Saturday, but besides the fact that I'm still giving my knee a chance to rest, I got lucky and was able to attend a second Muscle Fusion X class at the gym for the week.  Normally that class is only taught on Thursdays, but on Saturday mornings there is a rotating class slotted at 9 am and each week is a different class.  Today was Muscles Fusion X, taught by the same instructor that teaches the Thursday class.

So this morning Chris and I went to the gym at a little after 8 so that I would have time to do some strength training before class started.  I did triceps, mostly, but also a little leg work.  Class was awesome, as always, and it felt so good to get in a bonus workout this week.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then the rest of the week I will probably be doing a minimal amount of running.  Even then, I will most likely stick with the treadmill for any running I do in preparation for Saturday's half marathon.  I read that when runners have knee issues such as the one I am having, it's good to run on an even surface to avoid further agitating the affected knee.  Since most of the roads I run on have a pretty dramatic camber, I think it's best if I use a treadmill.

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