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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another fun day at the gym.

And so it goes, my Tuesday/Thursday routine:

7:50am ~ arrive at gym and spend 20-25 minutes in weight room doing strength training.
8:30-9:30am ~ Spinning class, aka sweat purge.
12:00-1pm ~ Muscle Fusion/Muscle Fusion X.

This is what the Muscle Fusion classes are doing for me:

Still a work in progress, but I feel pretty strong these days.

Tomorrow I am slated for a 12+ mile run with a friend.  We're going to run the first half (more or less) of the Pocatello Marathon route - one of my favorite runs ever!  It's a lot of downhill in the most serene and scenic places in the area.  The colors of the leaves makes it even more beautiful right now, so I can't wait.  Plus, it's been a while since I've run with someone and that will make if fun, too.


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