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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday double.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I really love my current Tuesday and Thursday schedule.  Other than the days I do really long runs, I feel like these are the days that I accomplish the most with regards to my fitness goals.  Also, every week I am growing more and more attached to my "gym family".  I seriously never would have thought I would enjoy this lifestyle quite so much.  I love how much camaraderie there exists between those of us "regulars", as we sweat, groan, grunt and even laugh together.

Anyway, I started my morning in the weight room, doing heavy weights, working on triceps and biceps.  After that I went to spin class.  We know that our bodies adjust to exercise as we regularly do the same type/intensity, which is why many people will hit plateaus in the their workouts.  I have been regularly taking spinning classes for almost 8 months now, and I still feel like every class is a killer workout - both cardiovascularly and strength wise.  Today during spinning I got my heart rate up to 190 bpm!  No plateau in spinning yet...

Next up - Muscle Fusion.  While I use my individual weight training time to do sets of heavy reps, Muscle Fusion class gives me the chance to focus on all of the muscle groups, doing high sets of reps with a lower weight.  After this class each Tuesday, I find I am sore in a different spot.  I guess that's good.  Tonight, I'm feeling it in my inner thighs and my shoulders...thank you wide stance, weighted squats!

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  1. I really miss that about the gym, the camaraderie. It really helps get you there and get you through the workout! Glad you found a gym you love!


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