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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

**Batteries low.**

While we were running the half-marathon on Saturday, the fitness instructors from our gym were in Salt Lake City attending a day-long training workshop where they learned lots of new health and fitness related stuff to share with their classes.

So when Chris and I went to a noon spinning class yesterday, it was no surprise to me that our instructor, Brandi decided she was going to give one of the new techniques they learned a try.  The concept was all about intervals, which isn't necessarily "new" to the fitness class world, but this type of intervals for a spinning class was a lot different than what we are used to doing.  Basically the class went something like this:

  • 8-10 minutes of low intensity warm-up, going up to about 60% of our max exertion
  • 30 minutes of 1 minute intervals: 30 seconds at a maxed out exertion (90% +), 30 seconds recovery to bring our heart rate back down
  • 20 minutes at a level-paced exertion, about 80%, for maximum fat burning
By the time we finished, if we were doing it right, we should have felt completely depleted of energy, which we did.  Chris and I both felt on the verge of losing our lunch. ;)  Brandi suggested that we should only do that intense of a workout about every 2-3 days.

So guess what we did?  After dinner, we went back for more.  Yesterday was Chris' day off from work and we went to the noon spinning class because we wanted to do something, but I usually like to go to the Monday evening spinning class.  So we went to Misty's 5:45pm class, where she also tried out the interval workout.  After her class, we went home and within about 5 minutes of laying down in bed, I was asleep.

This morning I was back at the gym for my next workout.  I started out in the weight room and actually had about 30 minutes to spend doing some heavy lifting before going to another spinning class.  Brandi was the instructor again, and she had told us yesterday that those of us returning in the morning for her class, that we would not be doing the intervals again, since it was too close to the other class.  But guess what?  She changed her mind when she saw that there were only 3 of us, including her, out of our class of about 20 people who had been there for the Monday noon class.  She wanted them to get to try out the interval technique, too.  Yay for us. ;)  She conceded that those of us who had just done this workout the day before (twice, some of us) could modify some of the intervals if we needed to.  Of course, I did not want to modify my workout, so I did what she told us to do, which was basically the same workout as yesterday.

When I left class, I felt pretty tired, but it didn't fully hit me until I returned to the gym today at noon after grocery shopping for Muscle Fusion class (also taught by Brandi).  At least I felt a little consolation during class that I had a comrade in fatigue with Brandi!  She was tired, too.  All the reps, especially the lunges and squats, were harder than usual.  But I made it through and now I'm completely wiped out!  3 high-intensity spin classes and 1 muscle fusion class, (oh, and I did a 20 minute run on a treadmill and 30 minutes of weights) all within a 24 hour period.  Maybe tomorrow I should rest?


  1. We have some videos for bikes on trainers that have similar internals--those are so hard!!


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