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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I like to learn things are going in the right direction.

It's Wednesday, which means back/biceps day!  My favorite. :)  But before I get to my workout, I have an update from my trainer, Misty.  We met up this morning for another body assessment.  It's been 4 weeks since my last one.  Today she weighed, measured and did body fat assessment.  We also discussed upcoming changes to my workout routine.  My "building muscle" phase is nearly over and I will begin adding more cardio to burn more fat and create more lean muscle.  More cardio for me will mean more running, and depending on the weather, more spinning.  Of course, I will continue to build muscle, but the change will occur in terms of going from lifting heavy weights with fewer reps to lifting slightly lighter weights with higher reps, which will apparently help me "lean out".  Man, the past 12 weeks has flown by, but I am also looking forward to switching things up.

As far as my body assessment goes, things are still moving in the right direction, which is of course a welcome thing for me to hear!!  My weight was basically the same as 4 weeks ago ~ 126 lbs. (I'm 5'3"), but my body fat percentage was down another 1.1 percent.  That puts me at 20.2% body fat ~ almost in the 'teens'!!  My measurements were all good, too.  My calf and bicep muscles were both 1/8-1/4" bigger, my waist was down another 1/2" and my chest was up 1" - yay for pecs! ;)

After Misty was finished with me, I headed to the weight room to get started on my workout.  I began with pull-ups.  Today I had Chris there to spot me.  I almost did my first one by myself, and while I'm not quite there yet, he said he could tell I'm using him (and my legs) a lot less, which means my back is continuing to get stronger.  When I finished with my weights, which took a little over an hour, I got on a treadmill.  I ran at 6.0 mph for 30 minutes, then I slowed to a walk (3.8 mph) and put the incline up to 4.5% and walked uphill for another 15 minutes.  It kind of felt like a short workout, but that's okay I guess because tomorrow - Muscle Fusion X!


  1. Good job! Your hard work is really paying off.

  2. How fabulous to have data to show that your work has paid off!!


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