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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly update.

I don't know how I let so many days slip by before I remember I need to blog about life...before it's all forgotten.  Anyway, the past week was sort of a blur to me, for various reasons, but I did accomplish quite a bit with regards to my training plan.

Last Thursday I completed a 5 mile interval run before going to another awesome Muscle Fusion X class.  Friday I did my typical routine: chest and abs workout followed by spin class.  On Saturday I finally got a chance to run with my friend, Lisa.  The weather cooperated enough that we were able to do a 12.3 mile run  on one of our favorite (downhill) routes, which made for a great time: 9:30 min/mile pace with walking breaks.  I was annoyed that my tired, strained legs made it so we couldn't go a little further, as I had initially wanted, but I still felt like it was a good, long run.  Afterwards, Chris and I went to the gym before going to the grocery store and I was able to spend about 30-40 minutes doing some ab work.

Sunday I rested and felt much better by Monday morning.  I began the day with a 6 mile out and back run after dropping the kids at school.  The sun was shining again so I didn't mind the frigid temperatures quite as much as I usually do.  After my run I showered and then Chris and I went to the gym.  I did my back/abs workout then went to spin class, where we did intervals.  It felt particularly tough to spin on tired legs, but the great thing?  I'm pretty sure I burned about 800 calories in that class!

Monday evening as I started to feel the twinge of a sore throat and stuffy nose coming on, I got a text from my trainer Misty saying she and some other people were going to be doing stairs at the stadium on Tuesday, so I opted to switch up my schedule a bit so I could join them.  When I woke up I felt like crap, but I knew I would feel better after a workout.  First, I went to the gym and did my leg/shoulder routine, which took me about an hour and 20 minutes.  Again, not the smartest thing to do a leg workout before going to run stairs, but in the end it all makes for a good challenge, right?  Once at the stadium, I put in my headphones and got busy running up and down.  After a few minutes, I realized my cheap-o mp3 player was stuck on one song.  As I kept running and tried not to trip and kill myself, I messed with it but couldn't get it to do anything but play the same song over and over again.  One hour later and I had Heart Attack by Trey Songz memorized, and I think it's time to replace my mp3 player. :(

Today I still feel pretty yucky, but I've been loading up on the fresh vegetable juice and apple cider vinegar shots and I can tell my body is starting to kick it.  I was scheduled to do a 7 mile run today, but instead I went to the gym and had an assessment with Misty where we spent a good amount of time going over my schedule and making a few minor adjustments.  I've been feeling especially tired and losing my focus and Misty was worried I might be over-training, which is really counter-productive.  Hopefully with the changes we made to my training and my nutrition plan, I'll get back on track...especially after I get completely over this head-cold.  After finishing up my time with Misty, I went to the weight room and did my bicep/tricep/calf workout.

When I came home this afternoon, the wind was blowing pretty fiercely, but the thermometer said it was 50 degrees.  I put on a light jacket and headed to the walking park, but after just a mile and a half, I realized that the wind was making it way too cold for me and my runny nose, so I went home and did a yoga video instead.  Hopefully tonight I'll be able to finally get some sleep and hit the ground running tomorrow - literally - interval run and Muscle Fusion X!! :)


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