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Sunday, April 21, 2013

14.5 miles in the rain.

It's been another week of erratic weather: sun one minute, rain and wind the next.  Yesterday I had planned to do a long run of about 20 miles with my running buddy, Lisa.  After it had rained all night and was still pouring at 6 am when we were planning to go, we agreed that a run of that distance in the rain just wasn't something either of us wanted to do.  So instead, I went to the gym with my husband where I did a spin class.  I took my running gear with me and figured that by the time the hour-long class was over, there was a possibility that the rain may have cleared up enough for me to run home from the gym.  After class, I changed out of my sweat-soaked clothes into my running outfit, then took off for the long run home of 14.5 miles.

It was still really windy and raining, but the temperature wasn't too bad at around 45 degrees so I figured I could handle a little rain.  My run was a tad on the slow side, as I battled a head wind and tired legs right from the start.  My hamstrings and back were bothering me too, but I was determined to continue with my "push through anything to get it done" attitude.  There were moments during my run that the sun would shine briefly through the clouds, and those moments were just enough to keep the enjoyment level up on my run and helped me make it all the way home.

The rest of the day I nursed sore, achy and cramping legs, but today I'm feeling a lot better - except for my back. :(  One month until the marathon and I'm really hoping for some great weather next weekend.  I'd like to get in at least two more 20+ milers before I taper.

If not, I will just do my best with where I'm at when the day comes.  I had a wonderful phone conversation with the friend I will be running the Ogden Marathon with in May.  He was supposed to run the Boston Marathon last Monday, but decided not to run it at the last minute because he'd been sick and was still recovering.  We agreed that at this point in our lives, our focus should be on enjoying the long run and the opportunity to spend time together.  Neither of us is going for a PR on this one, as we've both been dealt a few stumbling blocks during our training the past few months.  Taking the pressure off helps me look forward to this marathon with a renewed sense of excitement.

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