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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day seven.

Rest day, so I thought I'd share something I read in my new running book:

"Staying motivated is an aspect of running that you must work at and develop. But there's a flip side to exercising your mental muscle: The mental strength that the sport demands and encourages leads to benefits that extend far beyond the physical. In a way, running gives back as much-or even more-than it takes. As you work to develop your motivation and as you progress with your running, don't be surprised if you find a positive impact on other areas of your life." ~D.S. Barrios

I have found this to be very true, and not just with running, but with regular exercise and fitness as well. When I feel strong and fit, I feel more capable of conquering other challenges in my life, or at least more able to endure them. :)

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