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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 119.

Rest day.  I don't have much to say today.  I'm feeling quite depressed about the crummy weather we've been having.  I am so sick of the cold, the clouds and the rain, that it's affecting my motivation and excitement level about training.  It's all mental, and thankfully I'm driven enough to push through this crap, but it would be easier if I had something to look forward to, like a fun run on a beautiful, sunny, warm morning...

I attempted to cheer myself up this morning with a chocolate and peanut butter protein smoothie.  It helped a little.


  1. We have the opposite out here in PA- hot and humidity at 97% ... ugh. I ate half a SNickers bar to make myself feel better ... nuts count as protien, right?

  2. Sorry, Becca. I wouldn't want the high heat and humidity, either. :( Maybe soon things will even out for both of us! And, I would say...absolutely, you can count a half a Snickers as a serving of protein! Yum. (Oh, and I don't know where Richfield, ID is and haven't even heard of it, though I meant to look it up on a map...)

  3. Yummy, my favorite. That would cheer me up. We have had crummy weather here as well, although it is supposed to finally get better tomorrow. You just need to come visit us.


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