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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 121.

Another beautiful, sunny morning - I love it!  3 miles today, and as I said yesterday, I decided to do some hills.  I warmed up with 10 minutes of Pilates, then about 5 minutes of walking before starting my run.  For those of you familiar with the area where I live, I ran about 1.55 miles up Jackson Creek Road, and it's a killer!  It's all uphill, with a pretty steep grade, especially when you're trying to run it.  The reward is when you get to the "top" (I didn't really go all the way to the "top" of Jackson Crk., I just ran far enough to get in half of my run), then to turn around and see the view of the valley, and you get to fly back down the hill.  It's awesome, and totally worth the tough run up the hill.  When I got home from my run I felt pretty winded, though my recovery time gets shorter and shorter with each run.  I also did level 2 of the Yoga Meltdown DVD.

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