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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 211.

This morning the schedule had me doing an 8 mile run.  I warmed up with my usual 10 minutes of Pilates before going out, walking a few minutes then starting my run.  I felt fine for the first few miles, but for some reason I started to feel really weak and tired after that.  My leg muscles felt especially wimpy.  I did a route that I've done before, which involves several good sized hills, and it was tough.  But I kept telling myself that these hills are a necessary part of training, and I could feel my quad muscles straining up and down those hills.  I was able to run the whole 8 miles, though I felt like laying down and taking a nap a couple of times.  ;)  At 8 miles I slowed to a walk, then stopped to stretch my legs.  I still had about a mile and a half to get back home, so after I had rested a minute, I did a slow jog to get back to the house.

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  1. Good Job! Can you beleive that 8miles is not even your longer runs anymore? Sounds really long for me!


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