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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rest day.

This morning I did 30 minutes of Pilates, but that's all.  I feel a little sore and stiff from yesterday's run, but getting better as the day goes on.  Yesterday it occurred to me at some point that I have been using the same running shoes for a lot of miles, so I did some calculating: 921 miles from my faithful Asics.  Theoretically, though, that means I'm about 400+ miles past due for a new pair of trainers!  So after some (fun) research and online shopping, I found a great pair at an even better price.  They're  New Balance 1224ST:
Normally these shoes run $140-150, but I found them on Buy.com for only $54.99 and free shipping!  (Probably because they are an uncommon size and width, the only pair...but YAY for me!)

These are the upgraded version of my New Balance 769's, which I loved to pieces, literally, so I'm hoping to feel the same for these.  I can't wait until they get here!  I'm actually hoping that new shoes with strength, stability and all that, I'll get my bounce back and my legs won't feel the strain quite so much.

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