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Monday, June 13, 2011

5.25 miles of speedwork.

Normally, according to my schedule today would be a cross-training day, but this week I have to switch my running days because on Saturday we are leaving for a week long trip and I'm going to be doing my long run of Friday morning instead of Saturday morning.  So that means today became my speed work out day.  After doing 20 minutes of Pilates to warm up my muscles, my husband and I geared up and headed into town to do our runs at the track.  We found a middle school with an open track, it's a little bit further away from our house (about a 12 minute drive), but not too big of a deal.  I really like doing the speed workouts on a track.  It's so nice to just start my Garmin at the beginning and then forget about it and just do my thing, using the track itself to gauge my distance for running and resting intervals.  I started out with one lap (400 meters, or 1/4 mile) of walking for a warm up, then I did 10 X 400 meters, with 400m rest intervals.  In other words, I'd run 1 lap at a faster than normal pace, then walk/jog one lap to recover, then repeat 10 times, for a total distance covered of 5.25 miles.  When I got home and downloaded my Garmin info, I was excited to see that for each of my speed intervals, my pace was right around 7 min/mile for the whole 1/4 mile.  Unfortunately, my foot started to hurt again after just a few minutes of running.  It's very annoying.

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