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Saturday, July 30, 2011

20.5 mile long run.

Well, here we are, my friend Holly and I after we finished our 20.5 miles.  We're still smiling, but we both were hurting - she is also having similar problems with one of her knees/IT band.  It was still a fun run, and the company was just the boost I needed to get through this run.  I didn't sleep very well last night, waking up at 3am with a little boy who had wet the bed, then not being able to get back to sleep right away.  I laid there tossing and turning for almost an hour then finally fell asleep just long enough to have a disturbing dream and be jarred awake by the alarm at 4:45am.  Once I was up, I had to get ready and do some sort of a warm up.  I had a blistered toe I needed to tape up, my Gatorade to prepare, and my waist pouch to fill with fuel, phone, etc.  We were out the door at 5:20, but we had a ways to drive to get to our starting point - the Pocatello Marathon route.  We got there by 6am, met up with the rest of the group, 2 ladies doing 10 miles, one more doing 12 miles, and one of Holly's running "mentors", a 60-something year old guy named Terry, who was the only other one besides me and Holly doing 20 today.

It was a beautiful morning, we were able to enjoy the sun as it came up over the mountains, turning the clouds pink and purple.  I had told myself before we started that no matter what the rest of the group did, I would run a comfortable pace for me.  I knew by 5-6 miles that I was going faster than I'm used to, but we were following Holly and Terry's MO - take a short walking break every 2 miles, and as sub-4 hour marathoners, I was more than willing to follow their lead.  Those little breaks were just enough to get a drink, have some fuel and rest my legs.  We followed this pattern until around 15 miles, when my knee was really starting to bother me and I was also starting to feel the effects of the heat of the day, with a headache starting and some lightheaded-ness to go with it.  I decided to take a couple of extra walking breaks on my own until I felt a little better, and caught up with my friends when Terry stopped for a bathroom break.  The last few miles were tough, my legs were on fire, but I just kept talking myself through the roughest patches and having someone to talk to helped A LOT!  Before we knew it were back to my car, where I had packed a cooler with chocolate milk for us to enjoy after our run.  We finished the 20.5 miles in just under 4 hours, which equated to an 11:42 min./mile pace.  Dang, if I can cut out even a couple of the walking breaks and keep that pace for the whole 26.2, I might be able to break 5 hours on my marathon after all!


  1. WOW! What a fun run. I've never run with anyone before except at races. I'm super impresses. 20 miles seems like so long ago to me!

    (this is Rebecca, by the way. blogger never lets me login to comment on blogs)

  2. Hi, Rebecca! So good to hear from you! I wish we could run together - I'm sure we'd have so much to talk about! ;) Maybe, someday...(P.S. Any news on the Boise job search? Just curious.)

  3. It's an area we're going to visit this fall to see if I could live out there. That said, he's committed to working another year here. Maybe we can meet up during my trip for a run?


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