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Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 miles.

It was another hot and sweaty one today, but I opted to bring my water bottle with some Powerade - good call on my part!  I got up at 6am and was expecting my friend to meet me at our house at 7 so we could run our 10 miles together.  When she still hadn't arrived by 7:45, I started calling her and finally at 8am I just left on my own.  I still haven't heard back from her, and I'm praying everything is okay.  It is very unlike her to do something like that, and since she has a 4 year old boy going through chemo therapy right now I'm really hoping everyone's alright.

I did my 3:1 run/walk ratio and my run went well.  I felt pretty good, actually.  It was very hot, but again, another  "practice" run for the day of the race.  I finished with an average pace of 11:12 min/mile, so not bad.  I'm starting to think that's a pretty realistic prediction of what my pace will be next Saturday.  When I got home from my run I did 10 minutes of Pilates, then I did 30 minutes on the elliptical also.  My legs are feeling tired, but they feel much better than they did after my run on Thursday.  Hopefully the remainder of my "rest" week will go well.

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