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Saturday, August 6, 2011

15 miles.

Today's long run is now finished!  I started out just before the sun started to come up.  I really hate running in the dark.  It messes up my sense of balance or something, it's weird.  Anyway, for today's run I decided to stick with what I've learned from my (faster) running friends.  I set my Garmin to alert me at every 2 mile interval, at which point I would take a walking break for 1-2 minutes.  Today this method seemed to work pretty well for me.  I finished with an average pace of 11:38 min./mile, and that includes one walking break that lasted almost a half a mile (about 5 minutes) because I had hit that point right as I was ascending a giant hill and I opted to walk the whole thing rather than start running half way up.  I wore my knee brace for the run, and though it helps, my knee was bothering me some at different times during my run.  For the most part I feel like it was a successful long run.  Next week I will be doing a 22 miler with the same group of friends as last week, then I will begin my taper for the marathon.  Only 4 weeks to go!  Oh, I also did about 10 minutes of Pilates to cool down and stretch, although I feel like I should do more right now.  My hamstrings are feeling super tight.

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  1. That is a very successful run! And your marathon training went by so quickly ... at least it did from my computer screen!

    Don't forget to treat yourself to an icebath!


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