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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

12 miles.

It's another cold day here in southeastern Idaho...24 degrees.  With that in mind,  I continued with my "indoor workout" theme.  I started out with 20 minutes of Pilates, then I got right on the treadmill.  I wanted to do a long run today, so I immediately set it to a comfortable pace and started going.  Of course, since it's my day to watch The Biggest Loser, I had about an hour and a half of showtime to fill.  I kept a steady pace the whole time, stopping only when the show finished and I had to switch it to an episode of Dancing With The Stars.  At a little over 2 hours of running, I decided to start a walking cool down.  Now that I'm done, I feel great and I'm very happy with myself that I was able to run that long and steady on the treadmill...without going crazy! :)

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