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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

15.5 Miles.

I missed my running partner (husband) today as I did my long run.  He had to work, so I ventured out on my own.  It's been a while since I've done a run that long by myself.  I actually got to listen to my music and only worry about my own pace.  On the other hand, it was kind of lonely, and I didn't have anyone to carry the hydration belt or to complain to about the crazy, cold wind.  Remember how last week I said I hadn't felt so good on a long run as when I ran that 12+ miles on Thursday?  Well today was almost the exact opposite.  I was all there mentally, ready to hit the road and go long, but only a couple of miles in and my legs started to feel achy and tired already.  I'm blaming it on the fact that it's my "time" of the month and therefore I'm probably a little iron deficient.  Still, I was determined to make it worth my while, so I did a 3:1 min. run/walk ratio and I did every single interval right on cue.  Particularly during the last couple of miles I really wanted to take additional walking breaks, but I shuffled my way through and finished the 15.5 miles.  I only averaged a 12/min. mile pace, but I don't care.  It's all time on my feet, right?

As I was running and hurting, I was thinking a lot about a friend of mine who was powering her way through her second (full - that's a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed with a full marathon) Ironman in Tempe, AZ on Sunday when she was in an unfortunate wreck during the biking portion.  She needed surgery last night to repair a broken collar bone.  She is one of the most driven, fit women I know - at 39 and with 4 kids, you could bounce a quarter off pretty much any part of her body.  What an inspiration she is of dedication and hard work.  I'm sure that not being able to finish was the toughest part for her.  Here's to her quick recovery and speedy healing, because I'm certain she'll be back at it in no time. :)

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  1. OH, wishing your friend a quick recovery as well!

    I have a hard time running just before, I bloat like crazy (ugh, it may be all the salty food I crave) and it feels horrible to run. Blah.

    Last week my 5 mile run was more of a run walk since I was battling a cold- but I won! Zinc really works, just FYI!


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