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Saturday, November 12, 2011

18 miles.

It's Saturday, which means long run day.  Unfortunately, right now my husband is working weekends and I didn't want to leave the kids at home alone for as long as it would take me to run a decently long run.  Besides, we woke up this morning to snow falling and a severe wind advisory.  So guess what?  I did my long run on the treadmill!  I sweated my way through several episodes (of Season 1) of the Biggest Loser.  My goal was to run for 3 hours.  With the treadmill, I don't go the same pace as when I run outside, I go slower on the treadmill because, well, it's just plain harder for me.  I wanted to feel good and still be running at the end of the 3 hours, and that's what I accomplished.  So 204 minutes and approximately 18 miles later, I'm ready to take on some of my daughter's birthday cake! ;)

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