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Friday, February 3, 2012

2.86 miles, in the dark.

I got up early today and headed out equipped with a flashlight and did a short run of 2.86 miles before I had to get ready for cub scout meetings.  I had originally planned (and had made the time for) a 4-5 mile run, but once I got out there on those cold, dark, lonely streets, I was a little too freaked out to go very far.  So now that it is afternoon and I'm finished with all of my other Friday obligations, I am going to ride the bike for a while.  Tomorrow will be a similar story, since we have kids with basketball games starting at 9:30am and going until 5pm.  My plan is to get up before everyone else, pop in a DVD and hit the treadmill for an hour or two.  I have heard a rumor that there is a group of runners planning to do a 12 miler in the morning that starts up at the top of the "hill" (just outside of town), and will end back near our house.  If I find out they're starting early enough that I would have time to finish 12 miles and still have time to shower before we head out for the bball games, I just may have to join them. :)

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