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Saturday, February 4, 2012

8 miles, treadmill style.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a busy day today.  With that in mind, I had set my alarm for 6:15am, got up, put in a DVD and hit the treadmill for about 8 miles.  Then I had just enough time to shower, dress and make sure all the kids were dressed and had eaten breakfast before we had to make our way to basketball game number one.

It was imperative that I get my run in this morning, because, you see, my husband and I had an impromptu date last night which included a lovely dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Man, I love that place!  It was definitely a splurge for me, especially since I've been doing so well with my diet.  I did try to be good, I only ate half of my meal and took the rest home, but oh, the rolls and cinnamon butter...I guess I'll see how detrimental it was when I get on the scale on Monday for my weekly weigh-in.  The other part of our "date night" involved a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods where I got a sweet deal on a Nike Dri-fit cold weather running half-zip!  Usually we only window shop and fantasize at that store, so I was super excited to find something I could buy without cringing (too much).  So see, eat deliciously gluttonous meal, then go buy some new running gear to motivate you to get out and run ~ it all balances out!

Today I did much better with my meals and snacks, and even when I entered my leftover bbq chicken and mashed potatoes that I ate for lunch, it wasn't too bad.  Now I think I'll walk on the treadmill for a bit before I get ready for bed.

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