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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gym workout.

Today I have the day to myself!  No kids, no husband, just me.  It's weird.  Anyway, I decided to go to the gym for my workout.  As soon as I dropped the kids off at school, I headed into town.

Last night, my husband and I went in to the gym for a couple of hours, so I got in a second workout for the day yesterday, and I focused on weight training, although I did do some cardio, too.  So today I wanted to work on cardio, and that's where I started.  I got on a nice, big elliptical...oh, so nice compared with the one I have at home.  I did 60 minutes on there, then moved on to an upright bike, where I road for 30 minutes at 20mph, then I did the StairMaster for 15 minutes.  I wanted to do longer on the StairMaster, but my head cold was getting the best of me at that point and I was feeling a little faint.  I decided to run a bit on the treadmill (30 minutes at 5.5mph), then called it good.  There are definitely some advantages to working out at the gym.  Firstly, of course, is the fact that all of the equipment is so much better than what I have at home, I feel like I'm getting a better workout.  Secondly, it's a good motivator to go there and see some of the other folks, working hard, with bodies that show it.  Keeps me moving.  On the other hand, there are also other people who inadvertently help me realize how well I'm doing.  I had two different guys come up to me and tell me what a "machine" I am for how long and hard I was working out.  Granted, the "guys" had hearing aids, gray hair and walked with limps, but hey, I'll take compliments wherever I can get 'em! ;)

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  1. YEY for old man compliments! I see it this way, in their generation, guys weren't as spoiled by attention from girls as today's men are, so when they say it they really mean it!

    It's a total compliment!


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