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Friday, March 16, 2012

You know you're a distance runner when...

...you realize that having toenails is overrated. :(  OUCH!  Again.  I have one that is in the painful stage of death and blackness right now, and that makes a total of 5 toenails lost, 6 if you count that one has died, grown back and died again, since I started training for marathons.

This morning, I sucked it up.  Even though it's a dreary, drizzly day, I geared up and went out for a run.  Alone.  It was great.  Refreshing.  Not too cold, a little windy, but not bad.  I set out to do our usual 9 mile loop, but added about a half mile out and back at the turn around point, so by the time I reached back home I had gone a total of 10.17 miles.  And other than my annoying toe, I felt pretty dang good.  I even noticed that a hill that usually gives me lots of trouble, felt a little easier than normal.  I think that I can attribute my new-found cardiovascular strength to spinning.  I hope it only gets better.

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  1. OUCH. Just get a bruised color nail polish. But ouch, I remember that feeling!


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