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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bare bones.

This morning my husband and I went to a spinning class.  Today's instructor was the one who is recently back after being on maternity leave.  Normally she's pretty tough, but today we kind of got off to a slow start.  She commented she was feeling especially tired and I'm guessing a late night with a new baby could be the cause. ;)  Once we got going, about 30 minutes into the class, I really started to get my sweat on, but I have to admit I was feeling a little less than enthusiastic about working out today, too.  Some days I just feel kind of blah, mentally and physically.  Today's been one of those kinds of days.  After spin, we went into the weight room and my husband helped me through my usual rotation, which took me about an hour.

After doing some work in the yard, starting to get the ground ready where we'll be planting our garden soon, I decided to "hike" up the hill in our backyard, just for fun.

We live in town, but our house is at the bottom of a huge, rocky hill of a little over 12 acres, which is all part of our property.  We're right on the edge of the town limit, so our property butts up against BLM land.
(Going up.)

(Looking down.)

(That's our house, down there with the red vehicle parked in front.)

We have lots of wildlife frequenting our hill throughout the year, like this little guy.  My husband calls them "rock-chucks", but I actually think they are Yellow-bellied Marmots - for real. :)

I was hoping I might find some deer antlers, but all I found were several animal carcasses.  Kind of macabre, I know, but I brought back some of the bones for the kids to look at.  Kids think that kind of stuff is cool.

After my fun up on the hill, out in the warm air and sun, I feel a little less "blah."

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