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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There's a chocolate moose, on the loose...12 miles.

This morning I was scheduled to run with my friend Holly, but when she had to cancel last minute due to a sick child, I decided to do the same route we had planned anyway.  Chris drove me up to the top of Buckskin Rd. and I ran the first 12 miles of the Pocatello Marathon route.  This is my happy place, especially on a day like today.  It was absolutely gorgeous running out there.  I wish I could bottle the images, sounds and smells and share them with all of you.  The air was warm and breezy, it smelled like wild grass and pine, and there were a hundred different kinds of birds making all kinds of sounds.  Gorgeous.  On the drive up to the top of the hill, we spotted a moose lying in the trees...

And some deer on a hill...

I had a fabulous time, running without any music playing today, just listening to the peace and quiet of country.

And not a bad pace, either.  I did my 4:1 run/walk/run ratio and finished 12.05 miles in 2:09, an average pace of 10:44 min./mile.

This is why I run. :)


  1. Wow, how amazing to see so much wildlife! GREAT run! How do you do your 4:1 runs? Do you have a set time to walk or just go by feel?

    1. I appreciate your comments so much, Jan! I actually have an interval timer that I use for my longer runs. Usually I set it for 4 minutes of running to 1 minute of walking, but sometimes I do 3:1, depending on how I feel. It beeps and vibrates so I know when to take my "walking breaks." I explain it a little more in my post from last Wednesday when I ran a 26 mile training run. http://amarathonmom2b.blogspot.com/2012/04/yes-thats-righti-said-262-miles.html


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