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Friday, April 20, 2012

Is it Casserole Friday again, already?

What a crazy day in our household, and not much room for working out, either.  I was up early getting my daughter ready to be at the church by 8am for a girls' activity, then I had to come home and get myself ready to go to cub scout meetings, then back home to make lunch and help my husband get himself and the two older boys ready to go on an overnight backpacking trip with the Boy Scouts.

Once I got them dropped off at their meeting place, I came back home and quickly cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, then took the two younger kids to the walking park where we "played" for a bit before walking back home again.

Now that it's almost 8pm, the kids are fed, chocolate chip cookies made, starting bath time for Nicolas, I think I'll be able to spend a little time on the exercise bike while I catch up on Dancing with the Stars.


  1. I know, this week flew by!! I love that your kids have Fridays off! We all need a longer weekend.

  2. Sounds like a blissful day!


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