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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Treadmill leg-work.

Despite the fact that it's an absolutely gorgeous day, I spent my morning with my trusty treadmill.  With my husband and the two older boys gone on their camping trip, I decided I'd rather just let the two younger kids kick back in their jammies and enjoy a lazy morning, rather than making them hit the pavement with me at the park.  I started out doing some speed work.  After a 5 minute warm-up, I did intervals of 1 minute easy jogging pace, then 1 minute of sprinting and I did that for 45 minutes.  When I finished with that, I pushed the incline up on my treadmill as high as it would go (again, not sure the % incline because my treadmill doesn't have a read on that info), then I set the pace for 3.5 mph and "hiked" uphill for another 45 minutes.  I wore my heart rate monitor for the entire workout and used my average HR to calculate my calorie burn.  It's funny, but I actually burned more calories during the walking portion of the workout than I did during the speed work.  See, it's those hills that will get you every time.  I probably should have run some of the hills, too, but my legs are actually feeling a little tweaked from a long week of a lot of miles.  Between long-long runs and real uphill hikes, they've taken a beating.  Tomorrow's a rest day, and then I look forward to seeing what next week has in store.  If the weather keeps up like this, I may be spending a lot of quality time on the road! :)

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