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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Run, Spin, Read.

This morning I went to the gym early again, and immediately jumped on a treadmill.  I did a quick 1.25 miles in about 13 minutes, to get my heart rate up and also get in my "daily mile"  - see, two birds with one stone?  After that, I got busy lifting some weights.  I did that for 30-40 minutes, then I went down to catch a spin class.  I went into the classroom about 15 minutes before the class was actually supposed to begin, but the bikes were already filling up, so I claimed mine and started riding.  I was sweating pretty good before we even officially started the class.  Another hour after that and I was done with my workout.

Today the mail was good to me, bringing me the first of the two books I ordered.  Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, someone* else got their hands on it first...

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