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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5.14 miles with my buddy.

My boy Sam has been on a bike riding kick lately.  He had me download MapMyRide.com onto his iPod so he can keep track of all of his miles.  :)

This morning he decided to join me on my 5 miler.  It's really a win-win situation: he gets to go on a bike ride on roads I normally don't allow him to ride on, and I get to have a "pacer" who motivates me to go faster!  I skipped the walking breaks today, since it was only 5.14 miles, and I did it in 52 minutes, which is a 10:07 min./mile pace.  I still have some tightness in my hamstrings, but for the most part I felt pretty good.  I'm definitely starting to notice the heat, especially since we didn't get out there until about 9am because I did about 40 minutes of Pilates before we left.

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  1. Fun! My son rides his bike or scooter w/ me sometimes, too. Win-win is right!


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