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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer running.

I love summer.  Have I mentioned that before?  It's kind of funny, because when I was younger, I did not fare well in the heat - at all.  I hated sweating, I always got lots of headaches in the summer time, and inevitably I spent most of my summer vacations with a searing sunburn.  But now that I've lived in southeastern Idaho for the past 8 years, summer has become my favorite time of year.  I especially love it now that I train for marathons.  I love not having to worry too much about what I wear when I go out for a run early in the morning - the less, the better! I love feeling the warmth of the sun and the way the sunlight always cheers me up.  I love the way the air smells, and I love to sweat!!  I guess the amazing summers we have here are the reward we get for having to endure the especially long, cold, windy winters.  I am so grateful I have running to motivate me to get out and enjoy the weather.
Today I did a 12.5 mile run, as per my schedule.  It wasn't an especially fast run.  In fact, it was actually quite slow.  The route was hilly and going up and down the hills was not easy on my (still) sore quads.  The first few times I glanced down at my Garmin and saw such a sad average pace (around 11:30 min. miles), I felt kind of discouraged.  But then I reminded myself that the long runs are supposed to be much slower and easier, at least pace-wise.  The purpose of long runs is to build endurance and give you time on your feet.  Speed work is for improving pace.  So once I talked myself into this logic, I just relaxed and enjoyed my summer run! :)


  1. Sounds like a great long run to me! Your post title has me singing that Grease song..."Summer runnin', had me a blast..." Oh yeah, that was summer lovin', not RUNNIN'. Well, I like running better. LOL

  2. Hahaha...now I have that song in my head, too! :)

  3. You can sing it on your next long run. :D


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