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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super Tuesday.

This morning I left the house at about 6:30 so I would have time to get the grocery shopping done before going to the gym.  I made it to the gym in time to do a little over a mile on the treadmill, which got my heart rate up and, then 20 minutes of weights before going to a spin class.  After spinning, I did another 20 minutes of weights to finish some of the reps I didn't have time for before class.

I have been reading a lot from the book "Running for Women" by Kara Goucher the past few days.  I'm really finding this book to be quite helpful.  I would recommend it to any female, runner or non-runner, who is interested in fitness and health.  It's easy to read and it feels like I'm getting tips and advice from a friend.  It has turned out to be just the inspiration and fresh approach to running that I've needed since the marathon 3 weeks ago.


  1. Well you know I love that book too! :) Glad you're enjoying it!

    1. I DO know! And as I've been reading, I keep thinking about what you said about having a "girl crush" on her, and I can see why! She is so relate-able, yet such an inspiration! Glad you read it first because your blog post about it is what prompted me to finally buy it! :)


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