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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

12+ miles, alone-together.

This morning my husband and I ran our favorite 12.4 mile loop.  We got a bit of a late start - 8am.  It was already pretty warm out there.  We both brought enough water with our hydration belts, but the sweat was dripping.  We started the run doing a 4 minute to 1 minute run/walk ratio, which worked well.  The first half, we both felt fine, though my husband complained of not being "on his game."  Around mile 7, we both were feeling the heat.  My legs were cramping, but we kept with our run/walk consistently.  At mile 10, our average pace was 10:57 min/mile, but the last couple of miles went a little slower.  My husband skipped one of our walk breaks, while I stuck with it.  He got a little ahead of me, but around mile 11.5 I had caught up with him again and we just ran at an easy pace together for the last mile.  By the time we got back home, our average pace for the whole run was 11:20, which isn't too bad for a long training run, but my legs have been sore all day.  I guess it's good to get in some training during the heat, right?

On another note, my friend brought us by a couple of t-shirts supporting the Tenley Foundation (www.idahofighters.blogspot.com).  These shirts are available for purchase - $15 with proceeds going to help the families of local children fighting cancer.

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  1. Even with your walking, your pace is faster than mine. You are a rock star!!


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