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Sunday, June 17, 2012

A warm, sunny Sunday ~ Father's Day!

After making an early breakfast of pancakes and sausage for my husband and then sending him off to work for the day, I did some Pilates to try and stretch out my hamstrings.  Most Sundays are reserved as "rest days" for me.  It's our day for church, family time and relaxing at home.  But as I try to keep on track with the summer running streak, I still feel like I need to at least walk a mile on this day to be able to say I've kept with it.  Last Sunday I wasn't able to get in an official, deliberate mile due to being out of town and traveling home, though I probably got in a mile of walking just through the course of our day's activities.  Anyway, this morning after doing about 45 minutes of Pilates, I got on the treadmill to do a relaxing walk.  Once I was on there, I felt like picking up the pace.  For some reason, I just couldn't help myself.  I ended up doing about 2.5 miles of a run/walk before getting ready for church.

So, since I've been reading Kara Goucher's book, I've been (even more) obsessed with following her runs lately.  Did anyone else see that she was the female winner of the U.S. Half Marathon Championship in her hometown of Duluth, MN earlier this weekend with a course record of 1:09:46?  That's an average pace of 5:20 per mile - Amazing!!  I can't wait to see how she does on the marathon at the London Olympics this summer.  I can't even fathom being that fast of a runner, especially as a distance runner.  I guess there needs be some of us "slower-paced" runners to make her and the other elites seem that much more awesome! :)

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