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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who needs legs?

Apparently I did my leg work correctly yesterday because today I am having a bit o' trouble walking...and sitting...and climbing stairs.  Well, the good news is I didn't let that stop me from getting in a great workout this morning.  I went to the gym and started out with a quick mile on a treadmill.  Then for today's strength training: chest and biceps, which meant no legs or core, thank goodness!  After doing about 35 minutes of weights, I moved on to a spin class, where I got (what was left of) my gluteus maximus handed to me by the instructor's tough class.

This afternoon I dropped my husband off at the gym so he could get his workout in for the day, while I went grocery shopping.  It was funny because he called me several times to remind me to get certain things, and when I would tell him where I was at with the shopping, he would say, "It's fine honey, take your time.  I'll just keep finding things to do until you come back to get me."  But what I knew he was thinking was, "What's taking you so long!!"  Haha!  My legs, my legs - they're rebelling, I can't help it if I'm walking a little slowly today. :)

Tomorrow on the schedule is speed work.  Hmmm...this should be interesting.


  1. I looooove feeling sore! That means you are doing something right and changing your body shape!!

  2. Not that you need to change your body shape...


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