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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another fun-filled day!

My day began bright and early, as I was up at 4:45 getting my 12 year old son up, fed and off to boy scout camp for the next 6 days!!  I hope he does okay.  He's never been away from us for that long - ever.

Once I had him taken care of, my friend Holly arrived at our house at 5:30 so she and I could take off on our 5 miler.  We actually ended up going 5.11 miles and in just 49 minutes.  That's an average pace of 9:32, which is even faster than we did it last Monday.  Fast run for me, easy run for her! :)

After our run, we came back to my house to work on some core and leg strengthening exercises.  Holly brought a Jillian video:

This video is actually a perfect combination of abs and legs.  We did level 1 today, which is 35 minutes of non-stop hard core, pun intended!  I am already sore.  When we finished the DVD, we also spent another 20 minutes or so doing a few additional leg exercise that weren't covered in the video.

In the afternoon I was actually able to get in a 45 minute nap.  That rarely happens.  The 3 youngest kids were staying cool in the downstairs living room, fan blowing on them while they played, so Chris and I laid on our bed after lunch and within a couple of minutes we were both asleep!  (He ran 15 miles this morning, so he was tired, too.)  I only woke up because I was sweating and starting to get a headache from the heat.  See, our home isn't air-conditioned, which typically isn't much of an issue, barring a few weeks (usually in August) of the summer.  But this summer has been much different.  I'm not going to complain, though, because I would much rather have to endure a little extra heat than more cold!

After a late afternoon snack, Chris and I took the kids to the gym so that they could play some basketball and go swimming.  While Chris played with them, I was able to attend a spin class.  After I finished with spinning, I joined them in the pool.  Finally, after stopping for some (late) dinner, we headed home and the kids and Chris are now asleep in our camp-trailer parked out in the driveway - it has air conditioning!


  1. So did you go out and sleep with them? It has been so hot here this year, too!!

  2. Wow, you are tough to have no A/C!! I actually never lived with central air until the last 10 years, but now I'm kinda hooked.

    I have a "faster than me" running buddy, too. I love pushing myself w/ her!


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