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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

**Happy 4th!!**

It was another early day, starting out at 5am to get my workout in before reporting for the parade.  I began with strength training today, with the focus on shoulders and traps.  I spent 40 minutes doing non-stop reps, alternating between about 5 different exercises, all using my 5 pound hand weights, including military press, lateral raises and rows and shoulder shrugs.  Sitting here writing this post, I can feel that my shoulders and upper arms are already sore, so tomorrow should be interesting.

After finishing with the weights, I headed out for a 5 mile run.  According to my schedule, today was slotted for some speed work.  I ran hard for anywhere between a half a mile and a mile, then would take about 30 seconds or so to walk and catch my breath, then sprint again.  I did that for the whole 5 miles, even running the entire last mile at about a 8:30 pace.  My overall average pace was 10:05, and I felt it when I was done, because I was, well...done!

As soon as I finished my run, I ate a quick breakfast and fixed some pancakes for the kids, then showered and got ready to march in the parade with the cub scouts.  The parade route took us about 2 miles, but it felt a whole lot longer in the scorching sun and 90+ heat.  After the parade, we walked as a family down to the city park where all the July 4th festivities were taking place.  More heat and sweat and walking.  By the time we came home and had a late lunch, I was feeling pretty lethargic.  I laid down on my bed to rest for a few minutes, but ended up taking a nap for about an hour.  I'm sure my body needed the extra rest!

There's my boy Sam (10), second from the right, and of course, myself on the far left. :)

And Sophia, with her face-art in patriotic colors! :)

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